Taylor Swift – Red Tour – 2013

Last week, on Tuesday the 21st, the girls and I went to see the Taylor Swift concert in Austin.

Back in 2010, we surprised our older daughter with tickets to see Taylor’s Fearless tour for her 10th birthday. We could only afford 2 tickets then, so it was just Sara and I that went. Last year, for the Speak Now tour, two radio stations had Facebook contests to win backstage passes. You could enter as many times as you wanted to. I spent HOURS entering my name and Richard’s into the web forms. He won. We couldn’t decide on just ONE daughter to go with him, so he and I went instead. This year, when we found out about the Red tour, the tickets went on sale right before Christmas so we told the girls if they wanted tickets to the concert then they would get less for Christmas. They were both fine with that – especially Bella because she had never seen Taylor in concert before. Also, the concert was going to be just a few days before her 9th birthday, so she was very excited. We didn’t have enough money to get 4 tickets, so we just got 3 and said we would make it a girls’ night out.

We knew Ed Sheeran was supposed to be the opening act, but we didn’t know much about him. We listened to some clips of his music on iTunes and we knew he did one of the duets on the Red album with Taylor. Just over a week before the show, we found out that Florida Georgia Line had been added to the show too. One of the radio stations was giving away t-shirts to wear to the concert and if we were seen with the t-shirts on, we might be picked to go backstage to meet Florida Georgia Line. 

We also knew that Taylor is notorious for doing an exclusive “after” party – “T-Party” or “Club Red” – and that making signs was one way to get invited to that party, so a few days before the concert we made signs. Here are the 3 posters we made. 

taylorposter3 taylorposter2 taylorposter1

The day of the concert, we were going to take Sara out of school a little early so we could go downtown early for the concert because we had read that it sometimes helps to be there early to be chosen for the after party. However, there was a bomb threat at Sara’s school that day and it took longer than expected to get her from school. Luckily, traffic wasn’t bad, so we still ended up getting to the concert about an hour before the doors opened. 

We walked around and around and around the venue. We visited the radio station booths. We went to look at Taylor’s trucks and all the buses for the bands. We wandered around and combatted the wind that wanted to carry our posters away! 

While we were wandering around, a couple guys from the radio station walked up and said they liked our posters & t-shirts. They asked if we wanted to go meet Florida Georgia Line. OF COURSE, we said YES! They gave us wristbands and told us where to go before the show. It was kind of crazy though because when we got to where we were supposed to go, they said we were supposed to meet somewhere else. Then we went to the other place & they didn’t know anything about it either. In the end, we had to go back to the original place! It was also kinda odd because when Richard and I met Taylor last year we got to go into a special room. In contrast, this time they led us down a back hallway and had the guys from Florida Georgia Line come into the hallway, talk to us for a minute and take a picture with them in this back hallway! Kinda crazy, but it’s still neat to be able to say that we met them. :)  

Once we got to our seats, we didn’t end up using our signs much because I didn’t want to block the people behind us. I texted Richard at one point and said “I guess I’m just not rude enough.” Needless to say, we weren’t chosen for Taylor’s party. We still had a blast though! Sara bought a Red t-shirt. Bella got a calendar (which is neat because it doesn’t start until July 2013 and goes through December 2014), a bracelet, and a light baton thing that she used during the concert. Overall, it was an awesome night and a great memory with my daughters! Next time, the goal is to get all 4 of us there with better seats . . . . . maybe eventually the goal will be to have the girls meet Taylor. 







Oh, and we were not all that impressed with Ed Sheeran. Bella and I just looked at each other like “get me outta here.” We even went to the bathroom during his part so we didn’t have to listen so much! Sara seemed to enjoy him. I think he’s great with the guitar, but I don’t like his voice that much – although I do LOVE his duet with Taylor – and I couldn’t even understand most of the songs he did by himself. 

Also, I know our pictures aren’t that great. I really don’t understand why concerts don’t allow DSLR cameras. They have become so commonplace now even for the amateur person, so it really stinks. The other thing is that I saw multiple people there with DSLRs even though they weren’t supposed to have them. I did the best with our point-and-shoot, but I ended up deleting a bunch of pictures and don’t think the ones I got really did the concert justice. I don’t know how people hide the base and lenses from security, but it sure is annoying when I try to follow the rules and then see so many people who don’t do so – especially when I know they got some pretty awesome pictures with their DSLRs! 

Anyway, it was an awesome concert overall and an even more amazing memory with my daughters!  


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